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Music as Medicine

Have you ever noticed how music has the ability to alter your mood or take you back to a specific place or time in your life?  Research demonstrates that music can affect your attention, perception, emotions, cognition, behavior, and communication (Koelsch et al., 2009). The British Academy of Sound Therapy conducted a study on the musical recommended daily allowance.  They set out to determine if there was a recommended daily amount of music impacting various mood states and what type of music was commonly used to produce this effect.  Of the 7,581 people test, they found that:

• 90% used music to relax

• 82% used music to improve their moods

• 47% used music to process and/or release sadness

• 33% used music to aid in concentration

Interestingly, researcher concluded, 13 minutes per day as the recommended daily musical allowance to induce relaxation, release of sadness, or increase concentration.  Ever notice how you feel after listening to your favorite song? Music triggers activity in the same part of the brain which releases our “pleasure chemical, also known as dopamine.  Music is so powerful that listening to happy vs. sad music can affect the way you perceive the world around you (Blodgett, 2015).  

Did you know? Your heartbeat changes to mimic the music that you listen to? It’s true! I promise. I most recently tested this theory at the gym.  Check it out, during my cardio I get warmed up with up-beat or high energy songs but when it’s time to cool down and stretch I listen to something slower in tempo. This helps me to transition out of my work out and gradually lower my heart rate. But don’t take my word for it… try it out for yourself! What’s the soundtrack of your life? That’s a good question right? Identify 5 songs that would serve as the soundtrack of your life. What would be the name of your album? What would the album cover look like? If you have some spare time, use this as a self-care activity. Tap into your creative side friend!

On this week’s episode of Paging Dr. Teel, we’re tapping intothe therapeutic power of music! I’ll discuss 6 proven benefits of music therapy, and provide practical methods to use music as medicine for stress management & emotion regulation.  

Listen link below:


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